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Published On 5/20/2024
The Northbank Brewers Alliance is thrilled to announce the launch of its brand-new website, powered by ClubExpress, a comprehensive membership management platform that offers unparalleled functionality and user experience. As an organization dedicated to fostering community and excellence in brewing, we are excited to leverage ClubExpress to streamline our operations and enhance member engagement.

ClubExpress stands out among membership management software for its all-in-one solution, offering features for website customization, content management, e-commerce, event management, and more. With a pricing model tailored to individual use cases and flexible month-to-month subscriptions, ClubExpress ensures that organizations like ours can access the tools we need without being tied down by long-term contracts.

One of the key advantages of ClubExpress is its user-friendly interface, both for administrators and members
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Published On 5/20/2024
ClubExpress empowers members of the Northbank Brewers Alliance with extensive self-service capabilities through its intuitive platform. Members can personalize their profiles by setting usernames and passwords, controlling visibility, and adding personal information such as bios, photos, and social networking links. They can also join interest groups and committees, allowing for targeted communication and engagement.

The platform offers three membership tiers - primary, secondary, and tertiary - each with varying levels of access and responsibility. Primary members manage membership payments and receive renewal notices, while secondary members have their own accounts and can participate in events, forums, and committees. Tertiary members, typically family members, are included in the database for event registration but do not have logins.
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